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Free PDF demo files are available if you wish to preview the content before downloading it. After using the free sample, you may comment on the genuine SOA-C01 Dumps content. To make it affordable for all the applicants, the real manual is also offered. Because it is so simple, you don't need to worry about the download procedure. You may begin your download right now by simply going to the website and making your payment using the method of you’re choosing.

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SOA-C01 Sample Question 1

Company A purchases company B and inherits three new AWS accounts. Company A would like to centralize billing and reserved instance benefits but wants to keep all other resources separate.   
How can this be accomplished?
A. Implement AWS Organizations and create a service control policy that defines the billing relationship with the new master account.
B. Configure AWS Organizations Consolidated Billing and provide the finance team with IAM access to the billing console.
C. Send Cost and Usage Reports files to a central Amazon S3 bucket and load the data into Amazon Redshift. Use Amazon QuickSight to provide visualizations to the finance team.
D. Link the Reserved Instances to the master payer account and use Amazon Redshift Spectrum to query Detailed Billing Report data across all accounts.

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